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5 tips for new Bloggers

Monday, 31 October 2016  |  Admin

I'm an avid blogger, and I'm guessing if you've made it onto this blog, you either are one yourself or are somewhat interested in them. Blogging has become increasingly more popular since I began over 3 years ago, it seems there are new blogs cropping up every single day, all with incredibly hard working men and women behind them. So how do you get yourself noticed? Check out my few tips I've learned along the way that I find work for me and might just work for you too.

1. Be social - Social media is designed for exactly what it says on the tin, socialising. So do it, the more you interact with others, the more you're getting seen and growing your platform. Plus I've found it so useful for building bonds with fellow bloggers, we share tips and tricks as well as give each other support when the going gets a little tough.

2. Schedule tweets - Particularly important if you work, schedule your tweets that promote your posts so you're not worrying that your social media is going stale. I work in childcare myself, so obviously no phones allowed due to safeguarding. Therefore it will be essential to me when I return to work to do this, because for a good 9 hours of the day I wont be able to keep up with anything online. I noticed a 200% increase in traffic when I began scheduling tweets.

3. Be current - Blog about what people are talking about. One of my most popular posts, is all about Brexit. It was all everyone was talking about so of course, it drove a lot of interest. Don't feel confined to specific genres, if you see something in the news that grabs your interest - talk about it.

4. Hashtags - I see hashtags as the easy way to find like minded people. I'll often tag my posts with #mummyblogger, that way, other Mummy bloggers can find my posts and I can find theirs as they are using the hashtag too. I've found a lot of my favourite blogs this way that I don't know if I'd have noticed otherwise.

5. Linkies - A great way again to get yourself seen. Monday is my favourite day to do this and I allocate as much time as I can going onto blogs in the linkies and commenting on their posts. It feels good to be lost in reading blogs as well as interacting and gaining interaction back.