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5 Things nobody told you about toddlers

1 CommentThursday, 29 September 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me




5 things nobody tells you about having a toddler

When Joey was a baby I had visions of the toddler stage being quite easy, a lot easier than the baby stage. How wrong I was! The toddler stage is probably the worst time in a parents life. Nobody ever told me that toddlers were hard work and I often wish I could go back to when Joey was a newborn and all the night feeds and poonami’s. Here are a few things that nobody ever told me about having a toddler...

1) You will never go to the bathroom on your own – up until recently I’ve been able to enjoy a bathroom break on my own. But now that Joey can get upstairs easily he now always follows me and i feel completely violated when I’m doing a number two and my toddler is trying to pull me off the toilet.

2) You’ll never be able to eat a meal in peace – i can’t remember the last time i was able to eat a meal without being interrupted. Most days i just inhale my food at supersonic speed. If you’re a tea/coffee drinker then you are majorly in trouble.

3) Your toddler only eats beige food – when Joey started eating solid foods over a year ago he actually used to enjoy eating meals with colourful and healthy ingredients. Not now! The only thing that he finds suitable is pasta, chicken nuggets and chips.

4) The only shows I watch on TV are Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol – for a very short period of time when Joey was a baby I was able to watch whatever I wanted on tv but now Joey is very aware of when Peppa Pig or the Paw Patrol pups aren’t running along the screen.

5) Nipping out to the shops is impossible without a toddler tantrum – literally everytime we go shopping Ican guarantee that their will be a tantrum and it’s usually right at the end when we’re at the checkout.

I could probably list about 100 things in this list but if you are approaching this stressful time with your child I do apologise and hope that I haven’t scared you too much. I’ve never had a puppy but i assume that puppys and toddlers are the same and completely terrible especially when they chew your favourite pair of shoes or have a wee on your brand new carpet. So if you have a puppy, having a toddler is pretty much the same apart from with a toddler they will go one to become terrifying teenagers.

I’d love to know what nobody told YOU about having a terrible toddler?

Elaine Wright
Thursday, 29 September 2016  |  16:52

I find they are less dependant on your physically than the baby stage but more demanding of your attention. Constant talking to you, interacting with you, following you everywhere you go. They are a bit like hemeroids, always up your bum 😊 lol