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5 things nobody tells you about Pregnancy and Childbirth

Monday, 26 September 2016  |  Admin

 5 things nobody tells you about pregnancy & childbirth

1. Incontinence- Yes, don't be fooled when the women on Tena Lady adverts are 50+, because I'm in my twenties and have definitely experienced the joy, of basically peeing myself a little. During pregnancy your babies pressing heavily on your uterus which can cause leaks, and after childbirth your pelvic floor has took a beating, so it's inevitable.

2. After pains - Something I only realised existed after I had my second child and thought I was delivering some kind of phantom twin a few hours later. I kid you not, they're incredibly similar to contraction pains but you're not getting a fabulous miracle at the end of it. It's nothing to worry about though, it's just that pesky old uterus again shrinking back down. Oh and it gets worse after every baby (Great!)

3. Exhaustion - I hear about these ladies that gave birth and then stayed awake for days just looking at their little bundle. Do these people exist? Because after the huge effort that is childbirth, most of my pictures I have my eyes closed because I could barely open them. In fact I recall after my first born mainly speaking to everyone with them closed as they hurt that much. Labour is a humongous task for your body, and you need rest!

4. Lightening Crotch - Oh yes, as glamorous as it sounds. Some call it 'fanny daggers', for obvious reasons, a sharp pain as if you're literally being knifed in the nether regions. It's normal don't worry. But I'll say no more.

5. And last but not least, a painful poo. Yes, all those classes about how to safe sleep, how to breastfeed, or breathe through the pain during childbirth. Why does nobody teach you how to breathe through your first bowel movement, thank god most hospitals will give you laxatives. Babys shift things around on their way into the world, so toileting yourself can be rather uncomfortable. Unfortunately my first tore me to shreds, 28 stitches and 6 days later I'd still not emptied my bowels. The longer I held it the worse it was going to be, I'll spare you the details, but it wasn't pretty.

Did you find any surprises in Pregnancy nobody warned you about?