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5 things a parent should remember

Saturday, 29 October 2016  |  Admin

As a parent, it's so easy to be wrapped up in your children and their routine, that you go through day to day life just chugging along and sometimes it can get you down. I know I've definitely felt myself falling into a bit of a funk sometimes, so I've wrote a few things that I feel are essential to motherhood, and that we often need to remind ourselves of from time to time.

1. It's ok, not to be ok. It might look like everyone else has themselves together on Instagram, that they're making sensory crafts and going out for long walks. But truth is, it's probably a 5 day old picture, edited from their sofa as they're sat feeling as blue as you. Just go easy on yourself, you can't compare your behind the scenes, to someone elses highlight reel.

2. A child free event is encouraged. When family offer to have the baby for a few hours, don't shrug it off, say yes. They WANT to spend time with the little ones, and it means you can have some me time, go shopping or hey - maybe even get to wee in peace?

3. The washing can wait. I know it's sometimes unbearable to notice that every growing pile, that you never seem to see the end of. But when your little one grows, they wont remember that Mummy didn't put a new wash on every day, but they will remember the incredible memories you make whilst spending time with them instead.

4. A duvet day does wonders. I say no more.

5. If all else fails, there is always wine. No, I'm not saying hit the bottle every night, but don't be too harsh on yourself. If you need a glass at the end of the night to loosen up or shake the stress away, then do. Unwind and recharge, ready for the next day ahead.