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5 great tips for a mum to be

Wednesday, 17 February 2016  |  Admin

5 Tips For A Mum To Be

Pregnancy can be a tough old time on your body especially if like me you have a toddler and a school run to do too. There are so many things that make pregnancy easier and I've found that once you can accept you can't do it all saying yes to help is much easier! Here are 5 things you can do to feel blooming!

1) Accept help when it is offered!

No one gets a medal for braving through the pregnancy aches and pains (well unless you count the baby as one). If another parent offers to do the school run accept it and don't rush around to get dressed. Have a lazy morning instead!

2) Look after you!

Manicures, long baths, skin care are all little things you can do you be world of good. Look good, feel good! If you can't reach your toes think about treating yourself to a spa day!

3) Get organised

Think about the things you really need for baby, write a list an make a plan of what you will buy each month. New parents often over buy or buy what they thing they should! We've never had a baby bath for the first two children and we only have one now as it was part of a subscription box!

4) Get measured regularly!

It's not just the bump that needs to get measured! Your boobs will need a decent bra and one that will make you feel comfortable too. Being measured properly makes all the difference. Your body changes so much during pregnancy try to get measured at least each trimester!

5) Try to enjoy this special time.

There are a few ways to bond with baby before he/she arrives. I used to sing to my bump in the bath. Nightly bump massage and talking away does too. Take the time to appreciate what your body is doing!

What tips to you have?