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28 week Midwife appointment

Wednesday, 19 April 2017  |  Admin

The 28-week roundup.

#9 eggo to preggo

So here we are, the 28- week mark and officially in the last trimester. When you first become pregnant this milestone seems so far away and it seems we have reached it in a blink of an eye. This week I will have my 28 week, midwife appointment. I have found the midwife appointments so scarce this time round as you do not go as much as you did with your first, I think I may have been a handful of times. Which for a high-risk pregnancy was a bit concerning in the beginning. Other than being tired and now slightly uncomfortable with more hormones than Samantha from Sex in the City so far physically things seems to be going well. I am now at the weeble stage, waddling where ever I go, with people drawn to stare at my stomach!

They will do the normal checks, blood pressure, urine dip test but at this appointment I will also get another treat. The Anti D injection.  Do you remember at your booking appointment when they took your blood for screening? When you get the results, if you didn’t already know you would find out your blood group and what Rhesus status you are, positive or negative. I never knew until I was pregnant with Elijah that I was Rhesus Negative. It means that I am lacking the Rhesus factor on my red blood cells, normally day to day this would not be a problem. Except when you are pregnant there can be a complication. If your baby is Rhesus Positive, my body may detect this and send antibodies and cross the placenta and attack the baby. It can cause complications with the pregnancy, and future ones. If the baby is also Rhesus Negative then it will be fine. However, the baby’s blood group will not be determined until after birth. There can also be a problem when our blood mixes together, which could occur at the delivery or if I need a C Section. To avoid Rhesus disease, you are given an injection at around the 28-week mark called the Anti D. This is ordered in by the midwife for you and administered by them. Be warned it is kept in the fridge and is cold so it does tend to sting a little (ahem a lot). The injection is made from anti-D immunoglobulin, this will prevent your body becoming sensitised when exposed to Rhesus Positive blood. In future pregnancies, this should also avoid your anti bodies going to attack the baby you are carrying. It will be stated clearly in your notes, but you will also need to alert all medical staff in the event you have a bleed at any stage in the pregnancy. Your baby’s blood will be tested in their new-born checks and if positive you will have another injection after delivery.

Other than having a lovely cold injection, I will also be having a Thyroid Function Test carried out. Simply, a blood test to measure my TSH levels due to having an underactive Thyroid. So far, it has behaved itself and only peaked slightly, your levels should be below 2 and mine where 4 so I have been on a higher dose of medication for the last 6 weeks to bring it down. Other than feeling slightly tired, but being 7 months pregnant who doesn’t? My thyroid hasn’t really affected the baby or the pregnancy.

So basically, I will be poked and prodded, and then I am hoping to see if the baby has turned as for the last 10 weeks it has been in the breech position. Still time to turn I know but I also think It may be getting into the engaged position as I am feeling a lot of pain low down now! Nesting is now in full force with the crib, changer and Moses basket set up, and as I write this I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of our new pram and car seat! We have been busy redecorating and reorganising the house and in just a short month I will be leaving work to go on maternity leave. If I make it to 40 weeks, (I didn’t with Elijah and he came 11 days early), then we have just 12 short weeks before the new arrival makes an appearance. It seems both the longest and shortest time to get everything done and spend some one on one time with Elijah while I can. I am maid of honour for my best friend’s wedding 2 weeks before my due date so keep your fingers crossed the baby doesn’t appear during the ceremony!