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Essentials for baby number 2

Tuesday, 29 May 2018  |  Admin

Essentials for Baby Number 2!


We kept a lot of my son’s baby equipment as he outgrew it and stored it for future use, so when I fell pregnant with his sister I knew I didn’t have too much to buy.  However, there were a few bits and pieces that I felt may come in useful and now we are 8 months into using them I thought I would share my favourites.

  1. A bath support if you do solo bath time. I have bathed both kids together since Etta was born as I quite often do solo bedtime. We invested in the Angelcare soft touch baby bath support which Etta used until she could sit up comfortably in the bath. It was great for being hands free and being able to wash Lincoln while Etta was safely in the support.
  2. Hooded towels (the Storksak ones are lovely) and a poncho towel for toddlers. As above when they both decide to get out of the bath together it can get a bit tricky keeping them warm.
  3. 2 changing mats so that you can keep one upstairs and one downstairs. I also keep nappies and wipes upstairs and downstairs so that I don’t have to leave Lincoln on his own to go up and change Etta’s nappy.
  4. A baby wrap which will allow you to be hands free and still do things for a toddler while holding baby. With baby number one you work on their schedule a lot but baby number 2 just seems to fit in so when they are having a fussy day and don’t want to be put down I found our baby wrap invaluable. We just used a Funky Flamingo one but there are lots on the market so it maybe worth checking out your local sling library and seeing what works best for you.
  5. A buggy board if you’re not investing in a double buggy and you age gap is small. We have just over 2 and a half years between ours and Lincoln wasn’t really using the buggy very much, so we just invested in a Lascal mini which we have used a lot since Etta was born.
  6. A gift from the older sibling to the baby and a big brother/sister t shirt. We let Lincoln choose a little teddy for Etta and he brought it to the hospital for her wearing his big brother t shirt. It really built up the excitement for him. There’s also several books available which help little ones get used to having a new sibling.
  7. Gifts for the big brother and sister from the baby. We didn’t go down the sentimental route but instead got him Playmobil which kept him occupied while I got to grips with feeding and settling the baby. We also got a few other bits like colouring books, little cars, stickers etc which we gave out over the space of two weeks to distract him a little when he was bored of waiting for my attention.
  8. White noise! Second babies are put down much more and I’ve found white noise settles Etta for long enough for me to read Lincoln his bedtime story.
  9. A large changing bag! Even with a toilet trained toddler I still take changes of clothes, drinks and snacks for him as well as all the baby things for Etta. My favourites are the Skip Hop Greenwhich and the Pacapod Hartland.
  10. Stash some batch cooking or purchase some ready meals to keep in the freezer for those nights when you’ve just run out of the time and energy to cook from scratch.
  11. Finally enjoy all those sleepy cuddles! Its so hard to find the time just to sit down and cuddle the baby when you already have children so soak up all those little moments. Time seems to fast forward with baby number 2.