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10 reasons to buy Storksak Suitcases

Saturday, 25 February 2017  | 

10 reasons to buy Storksak Suitcases

If you about to go on holiday and looking for new luggage then here are 10 good reasons to have a serious look at Storksak Travel ! They have a lovely array of Suitcases, duffle bags, organisers, baby changing bag and backpack - something for every member of the family....

1) We think this very clever design of pack and go, this system  could work for any age group depending on what you would use it for but for little ones there is no doubt it makes life incredibly easy.  Imagine popping all your little vests, sleep suits, socks and outfits all in one storage system then when you arrive at destination you simply hang it up and go and enjoy yourself.


2) Everything is made from practical and durable materials, all finished with leather - these bags are made to last.

3) We have been working with Storksak now for 8 years and they cannot be beaten on quality, however if an issue does arrive they also cannot be beaten on their no quibble guarantee professional way they deal with things. 

4) The luggage is timeless to look at - unike some brightly coloured bags that you  may have your eye on - this luggage you will never tire it is unisex so hopefully you both agree on it.

5) A great range, they have something for everyone in this range - firstly we have the carry on cabin and the duffle - really they are very similar apart from the obvious difference of a pull a long handle.  These bags could be used for hospital, holidays and weekends away from home.


Price for Carry on is £150 and Duffle is £125 and they both come in Black and Grey

6) Whether you need a pull along, a back pack or simply a handbag there is something for every member of the family - the organiser is great for the airports and finding everything you need very quickly 


It's the detail in these bags - like the back slot for the telescopic handle of the carry on cabin to go through.

7) Or maybe you prefer to be hands free as you have your hands tied up with little ones... then this backpack maybe more your...bag :)

Again you can attach this to your carry on cabin case - they come with insulated food and drink bags as well as the baby changing mat.

8) If you need more organisaton they you can also buy extra storage - these 3 in one mesh storage are great and again they come in Black and Grey.

9) Going back to storage - this really is what makes this Storksak collection so unique, we think as the little ones get older  you will find lots of other uses for the hang away storage.

10) If you are type that likes to have matching luggage then it's a great range with lots of choice ...


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