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10 Reason to buy the Pacapod Firenze

Friday, 24 March 2017  |  Admin


Buying a leather changing bag is a serious business, it takes time to work out which bag is best for you. Hopefully these reasons will be enough for you to work out whether the Pacapod Firenze is your type of bag.



  1. For us the Firenze is the nicest shape Pacapod, a sort of barrel shape and made of gorgeous pebble leather it’s a great looking bag.
  2. With  32 litres  capacity this bag will fit everything you need for 1 or 2 children.
  3. The Firenze has been featured in the FQ magazine as the perfect gift for Mother’s day.
  4. The gorgeous design means you can use this bag way beyond the baby years and no one will ever know it was a changing bag, it comes in 3 colours.
  5. The Changing mat has a sumptuous fleece header providing a little more comfort at nappy change time.
  6. The 3 in 1 system means you can always find everything you need close to hand, plus you can take out the pods, this is a real advantage when you have more than child you can whip out everything for changing or fedding the baby very quickly.
  7. The Red feeder pod has straps which means as your little one grows you can give them some independence and  full charge of the small bag!
  8. Frequently featured in many bloggers posts as one of their top 5 changing bags to own. The following bloggers are among some to have featured the Firenze in their lust list - Hunter and Heels, Wigan Mum and Scarlett and Me.
  9. This bag also fits in most laptops so can be doubled up.
  10. Lastly and most important – we all love this bag! The Shape, the leather and the amazing organization, the original colour is Putty, then Chocolate and now you can get the gorgeous Pewter, coming soon Latte and Claret ( seen above).


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