Which are The Best Changing Bags?




What Ranks As The Best  Changing Bag? 

If your looking for the best baby changing bag for you and your baby and you really don't know where to start or which design to go for, then we are here to help you choose. Over the years we have become a Multi Award winning  official stockist of all the best changing bag brands. A bold statement maybe, but we think we have the best collection of designer changing bags in the UK - With over 200 on our website we are now known as the experts in the UK - we are always very happy to chat through our different bags with you, from backpack to luxury leather styles. Please do call us on 01522 684153, or email us sales@mummyandlittleme.co.uk and you will get a quick response.

We think we have a bag for every kind of mother out there, all you need to do is work out which sort of mother you are...


PacaPod and Mummy and Little Me have been working together for 14 Years, we have huge respect for this brand and think of them of the Godfather's of baby changing bags. When they launched they simply had 3 different types of bags and have grown into an award winning Company with a huge collection of stunning bags. PacaPod changing bags have a USP unlike anything else. Every single bag has a 3-in-1 baby travel system, this is includes a changing pod and a feeding pod. These work on many levels - you will always find everything you need, you can hang them independently on the pram which means you have loads more room for other bit and bobs on a big day out.  As your little one gets bigger they can carry their own bag, you can hand the changing pod to someone else to change the baby, leaving you with your changing bag which will also be your handbag! PacaPod bring out new collections every August and January but some classics that are very popular are the Hartland backpack, Saunton's.  We find this brand works especially well for the really organised type of parent, who very much has a place for everything. 

More recently Pacapod changing bags have embraced sustainability and many of their bags are now made from recycled materials.  New designs such as the rockham backpack and the hastings knapsack are super stylish backpack changing bags that really do offer a place for everything. 


JEM + BEA burst into the baby changing market as relative new comers about 5 years ago - Mummy + Little Me were the very first company to stock them and have had exclusivity for 6 months at the start. These designer bags are stunning and once you hear the background of the two Director's you will understand a little more about why they look the way they do.  Dominique and Rebecca who were friends, realised there were no real top end design changing bags on the market so brought a small collection out consisting of the famous Jemima, plus the Ayda and Beatrice - these 3 leather bags come in an array of colours and the high end design mean they do stand out. Rebecca before she started JEM + BEA was a designer for Mulberry and a few other well known top end handbag designers, you can really see the attention to detail in these stunning leather changing bags. Dominique was a lawyer with a mind for business so the two of them have built up a fantastic brand and we are huge fans of them and all their designs. A real winner which is newish to the collection are the Jamie's, these bags come in various material from Leather to Nylon made from plastic bottles, they are backpacks and a huge hit with our customers. 


Babymel blow us away every year with their incredible value for money - when people say you get what you pay for I would beg to differ with Babymel, the value for money you get is exceptional and this does not mean you don't get everything you need in a bag. They not only come with straps, changing mats, bottle warmers like all the other brands but they even have extra thrown in like for instance the easy wipes access which makes nappy changes a much easier experience when they are close to hand.  The Robyn backpacks which come in Vegan Leather and are £75 are one of our best selling changing bags on the website ( and we have over 200 so no mean feat). We get very few returns on this brand and if we do they are dealt with quickly and professionally. 

Katie Loxton

We have been dealing with Katie Loxton the brand for many years, they are well known for their fantastic wallets ( which we often give away with certain changing bags). Fairly recently Katie has given birth so suddenly the brand has launched into the Baby Market which we are loving. So far they have a changing bag in 3 different colours and a baby organiser - both of which have sold so well they are out of stock more than in unfortunately. It is definitely a brand to keep an eye on in this area as we have doubt this  section will grow more as Katie's family grow!  Don't forget the Katie Loxton weekend bags make great hospital bags too see the collection here on our hospital bag page.

New to Mummy & Little Me more recently are changing bag brands Bellaboo and London Olivia both offer stylish vegan leather changing bags that are great quality and a great price too.  The London Olivia changing bags even come with a power bank charger they really have thought of everything.

So would a summary help ... What kind of mother are you?